Kimoto Kimosetter 340 &
Kimoplate e2
Computer-to-Plate Solution

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Kimosetter 340
A compact, clean desktop plate setter

Finally, a computer-to-plate system that is not aimed at high end commercial printers!  More and more digital files are coming into print shops, small offset printers, in-plant printing departments and others.  This compact platesetter is the affordable solution for printers with a PC or Mac.  The Kimosetter 340 is a thermal transfer platesetter specially developed to image Kimoplate e2 polyester plates.

Toner Free
The platesetter uses its own special ink ribbon cassettes.  It does not use any chemicals or toner.

High Resolution
Equivalent to 1200dpi, the Kimosetter 340 gives exceptional image quality resulting in smooth crisp text, sharp line work, high density solids and clean halftones.

Large Size
Accommodating all popular plate sizes up to 13.4in x 19.9in, the Kimosetter 340 is capable of imaging full bleed 12.7in x 18.8in with crop and register marks.

Clean Background
Since it uses no toner, the thermal transfer unit cannot create unwanted image in the background of the Kimoplate e2.

Compact Design
The Kimosetter 340 is comparable in size and style to a mid-size inkjet printer and will not look out of place in a studio environment.

Macintosh RIP
An optional Adobe PostScript 3 software RIP is available for Power Macintosh users who need to work with PostScript files.  The Macintosh with the Kimosetter 340 RIP can also act as a server.  This allows printing Kimoplate e2 plates from any client computer on the network.

Kimoplate e2
Ecological Approach and Economical Choice

Kimoto introduces a new concept in low cost computer-to-plate technology.  The unique combination of Kimoplate e2 and Kimosetter 340 platesetter sets new standards in image quality and ease of use in the small offset CTP market.  Kimoplate e2 is a polyester printing plate from Kimoto, a world leader in coating technology.  The unique features of Kimoplate e2 bring an affordable CTP solution to small offset printers.

Chemical Free
Kimoplate e2 requires no special chemicals, etch or fountain solutions and does not require post fusing.  The plate is press ready straight from the Kimosetter 340 platesetter.  This environmentally friendly approach enables operators to work in closed studio conditions.

Excellent Stability
The polyester base is 0.005in (0.125mm) thick, the same as most presensitised metal plates, and is more stable than 0.004in (0.100mm) laser plates.  Its excellent dimensional stability ensures accurate image size and good registration for spot color work.

Fast Recovery
Kimoplate e2 is compatible with most fountain solutions (including Silver Master and electrostatic) when used at their recommended dilution or pH strength.

Printing Inks
Kimoplate e2 will run with most inks (oil base, rubber base and soy base).


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