The Strate Flo Envelope Feeder
by Suspension Feeder Corporation

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Heidelberg Quickmaster/Printmaster-46
& Quickmaster DI

For 7 years Suspension Feeder Corp. has manufactured and warranted the Strate Flo™ envelope feeder for Heidelberg USA. Now, the new Strate Flo™ Universal feeder takes every Heidelberg owner to a new level of convenience and control. The Strate Flo™ feeder rolls up, adjusts quickly for envelope size, and delivers envelope stock as fast as your press can print.

The Strate Flo™ Universal feeder handles envelopes from 3 1/2" x 4 1/8" (89 x 105mm) to10" x 13" (254 x 330mm). We can handle virtually anything, from standard to window to booklet to catalog. This feeder is simply magnificent.

The Strate Flo™ Universal comes with its standard 60" (1.52m) delivery conveyor. Both feeder and delivery conveyor are Totally Warranted for 10 Years!

This envelope feeder will also fit larger Heidelberg presses. (See our page for the SM 52 and GTO.) If you print envelopes up to 10" wide, this machine is for you. Don’t forget the secret we started to reveal on another page; this feeder is called Universal because it fits universally! Whatever you have in your shop alongside your Heidelberg, this feeder will work there also. Think of the flexibility now available to you.


Heidelberg Printmaster GTO 52
& Speedmaster 52

Originally designed for the Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52 and Printmaster GTO 52, this feeder fits virtually all medium-format presses. The Landscape feeder feeds envelopes from 4 1/8" x 4 1/8"(105mm˛) to 14" x 20" (355 x 508mm). Standard, remittance, catalog; we feed all of them! One feeder with easy set-up and change over. One 4- or 6-color press at 10,000 or 15,000 iph. One nice profit margin!

The Strate Flo™ Landscape feeder will handle all your big jobs. If you only print envelopes up to 10" x 13" (254 x 330mm), the Strate Flo™ envelope feeder will fit on the Speedmaster SM 52 and the Printmaster GTO 52. In either case, you win with easy profits.

All our feeders and delivery conveyors operate at 110 Volts, 60 Hz, and 1 Amp. Feeders shipped outside North America will operate at local voltage requirements.

All our equipment carries the same 10 Year Warranty!


Click here to contact a DaKan representative,
or call (574) 266-1155, or toll-free (855) 225-5344 for more information.